Gildesvollen provide accommodation to pilgrims (4-7 persons) who walk on the Olav’s route to Trondheim.No place for tents.

Gildesvollen Pilgrim Hostel is open 1.mai- 1.october

Season 2020: Due to the Corona virus we only have open for Norwegian pilgrims.

Our pilgrim facilities are for  6 persons in the little house“Konfirmantsalen”,divided in 3 sleeping places. An extra bed in the livingroom.                                                                When the Konfirmantsal is occupied by other guests summertime- and that happens- we have the “Pilgrimssal” for only 4 persons in the main building over our woodworker workshop. There is simple kitchen in the hall and douche/ wc/ washingroom downstairs.                                                                                                 

From July 10th - September 10th we have place for 8-10 persons: 4- 6 madras"s on the floor between weaving-looms beside the Pilegrimssal, a big kitchen +  separate diningroom.

Both accommodations have wc, shower possibilities for washing clothes and kitchen facilities.

Be aware of sharing sleeping rooms!

We have a good store of food and beverage what you can buy for diner and breakfast,so you don”t have to carry food with you. There is necessary equipment for that(self-catering).

Free WiFi.

Price: kr 250,- pp. Please pay cash!

Food costs as you use.

 We appreciate your coming, so you can be save getting place for the night!  Phone us or Sms:    Janke + 47 95 94 04 99  / Tom +47 41 39 20 0   E-mail will be readed only once / day!!  

No tenting, but Elstad camping is near by.

Groups can be accepted together with the Klokkargarden ( 200 m). Serving of dinner & breakfast in the Prestegården (300 m). Take contact.
















in the "Konfirmantsal" is empty with place:living room ,kitchen, bathroom and 3 separate sleeping places( 6 beds) in addition a extra bed in the living room